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My Approaches to Therapy

I work with adults of all ages and specialise in the treatment of common mental health problems such as:



         Low self-esteem

         Relationship problems

         Work related stress

         Bereavement and loss


Psychodynamic Psychotherapy is an in-depth and intensive form of treatment. The aim is to achieve a much better understanding of a troubling (and probably repeating predicament) focusing on the underlying unconscious conflicts that shape how we think, feel and behave. 

I provide a respectful and safe setting to look closely at the ways we try to manage difficult feelings about ourselves and other people. It's about really getting to know the kind of person you are, learning about the dynamics of past experience, and focusing on how these dynamics are repeated in your life now, and how they emerge in the therapy setting. 

The first step if you are thinking that psychotherapy might be helpful, is to arrange an initial consultation appointment. At this first meeting, I'll take a detailed history, and begin to consider with you whether psychotherapy is the right option. I normally suggest a follow-up meeting to complete the consultation process and reach an agreement about whether to start regular therapy sessions. 

Personal Sessions
Clinical Supervision

Consultation appointments provide an opportunity to take a detailed history of the presenting problem(s) and discuss the option of beginning therapy. The first appointment lasts 90 minutes, and the follow-up appointment - to agree a course of action- will be for 50 minutes. The fee for the 90 minute appointment is £50, and for all other appointments,

the fee is £45.

1:1 sessions of 50 minutes duration are available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, including early morning and early evening appointments  where work and family commitments make attendance through the day difficult.  

The fee for these appointments is £45.

I have extensive experience in clinical practice and offer clinical supervision to counsellors and psychotherapists practicing in a psychodynamic modality. 

The fee for supervision is £45

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